I just arrived home from work, about to leave for Thanksgiving at the in-laws.

I bent over, pet my dogs, and told my wife I liked her new fleece jacket. A second ticked by when I raised back up, only to see my wife holding two home pregnancy tests. I can’t be sure of what my reaction actually was, but thinking back on it, I feel like it was the same as going down the tallest hill of a roller coaster; a mixture of  stomach in your throat and the inability to breathe.

I walked over, looked at the two positive pregnancy tests, and then looked at my wife.

“Are we pregnant?” She nodded and began to cry. I hugged her for five seconds before I realized I was probably going to pass out if I didn’t sit down. “Are you mad,” she asked. I told her I wasn’t, merely I was feeling quite faint and needed a moment for something of this magnitude to absorb.

Up until that moment, the discussion of having a child was basically the only argument we had with each other. Until that fateful day in November, I’d been adamant about waiting to have a child. Funny how things happen, huh?

This blog is about being a father at 23 (or…24 when the baby is due). Generation Y is complex. As psychologist Jean Twenge wrote, we are very much a generation of “me”. We were raised with Nickelodeon, pop music, and the internet. Many of our generation hold a sense of entitlement, that we need to do what we can to get ahead. That “me” is numero uno.

But like our baby boomer parents, Generation Y is starting to have children. My wife and I are both college graduates. We were married when we were 21 and 22, respectively. And at age 23, we found out we’re going to be parents. Like most expectant couples, we find ourselves at the cross-section of terror and excitement.

I hope to detail how our lives change with every week, as a human being grows in my wife’s stomach. More specifically, I want to talk about the challenges, expectations, and differences in a Generation Y dad, one who wears American Eagle bootcut jeans and Hollister t-shirts, a dad who reads blogs daily and plays Guitar Hero regularly.

This blog is about going from none to one in a matter of seconds.


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