Not Looking Like Parents

My dad bought us a video camera for Christmas. It’s a really nice, compact Samsung camera.

Since baby is still a long ways away, the wife and I were searching for ways to get some use out of the video camera, rather than letting it sit in a box for the next nine months. In our effort to be cool parents, but at the same time…lame parents, we decided to document our progress week-to-week on video.

Just short 1 1/2 – 2 minute clips each Monday that will give our child a sense of what we were like while expecting. This past Monday was our first segment, mostly just introducing ourselves and what we were doing in 2008.

Then I watched the playback of the segment. I sure don’t look like a father. Maybe over the next nine months, I’ll develop scruffy facial hair, gain about 30 pounds, grow my hair out, and start wearing oversized polo shirts, light blue Levi jeans and sweatervests. Yeah right.

Instead of looking like this:


We’re going to look more like this:


And really, it’s something we’re going for, and something that Generation Y places a high emphasis on: appearance.

When I go out with my child, what’s stopping me from wearing my bootcut jeans that have a couple “style” holes in them, or that crew henley I got for Christmas? Oh, I’m sure my kid will be embarrassed when he or she sees pictures of us, and I’m wearing what a 24 year-old should be wearing.

I’ve started taking note of what dads wear. And if I’m going to be a young dad, I might as well be a young, fun, good-looking dad (well…clothes-wise), right? It’s just not often are two college graduates/young professionals having a kid at this age. But we’re sure going to try and look good doing it.

But if I ever look like this:

Just hit me.


One response to “Not Looking Like Parents

  1. This is a great idea. And the idea that you guys are “young” will be a recurring theme in the next 9 months or so (much to your annoyance). I mean, we waited 3 years to have kids. Justin was 25, I was 27 when Lili was born, but people still commented on how “young” we were. But it is still awesome. Maybe next year we can post Lili vs. Bryant baby showdown at Nana’s. 🙂

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