The First Appointment

Today was the first appointment for this set of millennial parents. Our doctor was extremely nice and took the time to talk to both of us about our child. As a father, you worry that you’ll be stuck on the sidelines. And while obviously my wife is the quarterback in this pregnancy, it’s nice not to be relegated to the backup punter spot. But the doctor, in our opinion, did a great job of speaking to both of us like responsible adults.

The appointment wasn’t long at all. From the time we were called back, we were out of the hospital in less than an hour. During that time,  we learned three things about our baby (singular, by the way, so the ‘hilarious’ twin jokes can cease) today. One, it exists. Two, it has a beating heart, which, at this point in the pregnancy is about all we can hope for, and three, its August 3rd due date. Anatomical development/progression will be monitored in future visits.

Oh, and the ultrasound. Yeah, we had that too. At 11 weeks, we were expecting…I don’t know…a speck on a screen. Maybe a peanut-looking shape. But no, what we saw was this:


Clearly a human with a head, nose (one that takes after its father’s), and legs. At that moment, this pregnancy became a lot more real. Not only was the sonogram showing us that a human was indeed inside of my wife, but that human also had a beating heart, the ability to kick and, once while on screen, even jump. What we saw was 44 millimeters of flesh that is growing into our baby.

Confirmed on film. We’re having a baby.


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