Apartment Searching

After two years and now expecting, my wife and I are back on the market…for a new apartment.

For the past two years, we’ve lived in a one-bedroom apartment fairly close to campus where I work and where she went to school. Obviously, it’s really all we needed. But now with the little one on the way, we’re back to hunting down a new apartment.

We’re looking for something a little more residential, away from campus (but still a close commute). We’ve pretty much decided on the west side of Columbus, so the Grove City-Hilliard-Upper Arlington-NW Columbus-Dublin area. Oh, and it needs a second bedroom.

Apartments are definitely in abundance in the Columbus metro area, so it does take some time to actually shop around to find the best ‘bang for the buck’. We had our first appointment on Tuesday. It was a nice complex in the Dublin School District, but just about 3 miles from where we live now. The apartments were very nice, but for the price, we can definitely find a better location and probably more square footage.

But in any case, it’s definitely different. Because we’re not looking for an apartment for us, but an apartment for our family. Instead of looking at apartments as a pair of college students, we find ourselves looking at them as parents. Is the apartment clean? Is the area safe? Is there enough room to accomodate a toddler? Is a park nearby? A hospital? The grocery store? Is the commute reasonable? Is it quiet?

Now that I’m starting to think like a parent, I suppose it’s time to start working on bad ‘dad jokes’.


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