Notable Dates

This may be weird, but sometimes I like to look at a calendar and mark off notable dates of the future. Like the month/year I’ll turn 30 (July 2015) or maybe the year I’ll retire (if I do the standard 30 years, it would be January 2038).

In this post, I wanted to put together some milestones for my child.

August 2009 – Birth
August 2010 – First Birthday
August 2014 – First day of school
August 2020 – First day of middle school
August 2023 – First day of high school
Somewhere in here…insert first date (if a daughter, add 15 years to this).
February 2025 – Learner’s permit
August 2025 – Driver’s License (schedule first heart attack for me)
May 2027 – High school graduation
September 2027 – First day of class at (hopefully) The Ohio State University
November 2028 – First presidential election
August 2030 – 21st Birthday (a day which will be celebrated civily, I’m sure, assuming it was anything like my wife’s 21st)

Right now, 2027 or 2030, or heck, even 2014 seem so far away. But then again, I suppose we still need to make it through these next five months, huh?


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