Raising a Son

So a few days have passed since the initial realization that my first child will be a boy.

When we first found out we were pregnant, I’ll admit I hoped that we would be having a girl. As the pregnancy went on–and we came closer to finding out the sex of our child–I became more and more excited about the prospect to having a boy until by Monday, when I just hoped we were having a healthy baby, no matter the sex.

Now, I never thought I could be so excited about having a son. I think back to my childhood and the relationship I had (and have) with my father. To put it simply, I am definitely the offspring of my dad. People who know my dad know just how much like him I am. My mom passed on to me humbleness, generosity, respecting others, and my independence. My dad passed on to me a love for my college, sports, and knowledge, but most of all, provided me with a model for life. If in thirty years I have led the life my father has, that’s a win for me.

I want to pass the same on to my son. He’s coming home from the hospital in an Ohio State onesie, hat, and booties. Hopefully he enjoys football, baseball, and other sports. Maybe he’ll enjoy reading the almanac, too (much to the chagrin of my wife).

But no matter what my son is like, I hope that at the very least I’ll be able to provide a good model for him, much like my father was to me.


One response to “Raising a Son

  1. They make Ohio State onesies? That’s cute. I’m trying to figure out how someday I can be the parent that loves their alma mater so much that their kids can’t wait to go there. Instead of the parents who love it so much their kids want nothing to do with it. I hope you and your wife are the first option.

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