Quality Time

Let’s face it. In a society that demands 40 hour work weeks and is constantly ‘on the go’, quality time is sometimes hard to find.

The same goes for me and my wife. However, as millennials, our search for quality time has been a little different, and especially with this pregnancy. As early twenty-somethings (and even being married), in the past, our quality time tended to be an evening out with friends, culminating in drinks and late nights. And now, we still tend to do those things, but obviously on a lesser scale than in the past.

Instead, Parker often gets to decide exactly what we plan to do with our evenings. But through it all, I feel as if we have found more quality time together. But unlike our Baby Boomer counterparts, the quality time doesn’t consist of a quiet dinner followed by evenings in separate rooms. Instead, we’ve turned to video games. More than TV, it gives us the ability to still do an activity that is largely the domain of millennials but still offers us quality time together during the evenings.

We know that quality time is at a premium right now, especially as the days count down to Parker’s arrival. We’ve just decided to spend it shooting mobsters in the head with shotguns.


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