Life Lessons

Much like our parents, millennials have played active roles in the ’causes’ of their day. Whether a movement have political, social, or moral implications, you will find millennials on both sides of every issue.

We find ourselves thrust into debates our parents also once had, such as race and women’s rights. But we also encounter issues specific (or at least more prominent) to our generation, and ones that will be debated primarily in our lifetimes and our childrens’. Issues such as environmental sustainability, sexuality, and social security, to name a few.

No matter the issue, parents will always have an impact on their childrens’ opinions. Some of these issues will arise with toddlers, others with adolescents and teenagers. As a parent, I hope to give my child a firm understanding of any issues that come along. Much like my parents, I want my child to make up his own mind, to encourage him to think critically, and most of all, to respect other viewpoints.

I feel it is our job as parents to provide our children with a base of knowledge and understanding to help them become better citizens, better friends, and even just all-around better people.

Some of the topics I will be discussing over the next couple weeks include: teaching our child to be conscious of the environment, religion, gay rights, race and ethnicity, animal rights, treating others with respect, gender, civic participation, among others.

Again, feel free to share comments, tips, anything. These should hopefully start up next week!


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