Week 22/PSA

This week, your baby weighs in at a whopping pound and measures nearly eight inches, about the size of a small doll. But your doll is a living one who now perceives light and dark. He can also hear the sound of his mother’s voice, her heartbeat, her gurgling stomach, and the whoosh-whoosh of blood circulation.

Since I’m going on a business trip during the latter part of this week, I will be double-posting today. I’ve also decided to start a series of posts that will entail ‘life lessons’ my wife and I hope to teach our child throughout his developmental years. These don’t come from parenting books or academic research; but rather are the personal lessons we want our child to know and embrace in order to make him a better person. Some are lessons our parents passed on to us, others are lessons learned growing up as a millennial in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Throughout the series, we’ll be asking a lot of questions. So I hope anyone reading this will free to interject advice and/or tips, especially if you’ve taught your child a similar ‘life lesson’ (or even the opposite!). Hope you enjoy!


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