The Home Stretch

This will be my last post of the second trimester.

Next Monday, we start Week 28 which is considered to be the first week of the third, and final, trimester. It’s hard to believe that, in less than three months now (assuming he’s born around his due date), Parker will be in the world.

It’s weird, because you want to prepare so much for a baby, but you realize there’s not much you can do. Every preparation you make will be broken down once the baby is here. I guess our motto at this point is not to freak out, and just work together. I hate to use the term ‘wing it’, but that’s basically what you have to do, at least until the little guy is here and we can understand his needs a little better.

I put in for my paternity leave from work (three weeks, paid), so it will be nice to be home for those weeks following Parker’s arrival, if for nothing else than to make my wife’s life a little less stressful. Tomorrow, as a final rite of passage into the third trimester, we begin registry shopping. Not to mention we’re still on the hunt for a new apartment.

It would be easy to stress out at this point, but in the end, all I really care about is my family, and making sure my son has a good home and loving parents (and dog, of course). Thanks for making the journey with me so far. Guess I’ll see you on the other side.


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