I actually hadn’t even heard of a ‘babymoon’ until recently. Married couples go on honeymoons, and apparently expecting couples go on ‘babymoons’.

Now the idea of actually going on a vacation similar to our honeymoon seems a little outlandish…and unnecessarily expensive. But what’s the harm in spending a little quality time outside of our apartment for an evening?

 I have  a free night’s stay at any Sheraton Suites in the US. Simultaneously, my wife is receiving a $100 restaurant gift card for completing a personal health assessment for our medical insurance. The perfect ingredients for a makeshift ‘babymoon’.

So we’ve decided in June to take a night away from our apartment and stay at the Sheraton Suites a few miles away. Since the hotel also allows dogs, it will sort of be one last ‘vacation’ for the three of us until Parker arrives in August. And with the restaurant gift card, we can basically have a free weekend away from everything…even if it’s just a couple miles away.


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