Last of the Monthly Appointments

Yes, so today was our last day of monthly appointments. From here on out, we’ll be visiting the OB every two weeks (until the last month, where we’ll see him every week). It’s another mark that shows just how close Parker is to arriving.

We also finished up most of our registry shopping this past week. We did encounter some drama over our choice for a diaper bag, however. My wife and I feel like the diaper bag is the one thing that is almost solely “the parents'”. We are the ones that are going to have to lug it around from place to place, so we wanted one that was somewhat plain (and also didn’t look terrible on a guy). In the end, we picked out a plain, black, Jeep-brand diaper bag. We figured black will hide stains, wear, and at least match just about anything we wear, especially for formal occassions such as weddings.

I know black isn’t groundbreaking or awesome, but seriously, it’s a bag we’re going to use for a couple years, and we are the ones who have to wear it, so the cute Sesame Street diaper bag at Wal-Mart? Great for a kid…not so great for the parent that has to carry it.

So far, during this pregnancy, my wife and I have been fairly un-parental. My wife doesn’t like to flaunt her growing belly, she hates sideshot photos, and will not, for any amount of money, take some picture with her shirt pulled up, exposing her bare belly. I imagine a lot of this will carry over to caring for Parker when he arrives. So I think it should be understandable that we don’t want to live our young lives carrying Sesame Street diaper bags and wearing Mickey Mouse t-shirts.

But enough of that. This weekend we are visiting my family in West Virginia/SE Ohio and attending Memorial Day festivities. I hope you and yours have a very safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


One response to “Last of the Monthly Appointments

  1. Forget the diaper bag! Use a laptop bag if you have a spare one – I think I got an awesome laptop bag for $10 at Walmart. Lots of pockets. We now use a rather small messenger bag and if we need to pack a lunch or something, a regular ole bookbag. I found that diaper bags are WAY too bulky when you’re trying to lug around the carrying thing/car seat. Although I must admit that the Jeep ones most appealed to us as well 🙂

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