So Close I Can Feel It

I think it really has hit us in the past week. The little guy is closer by the day.

Right after we found out we were pregnant, it honestly seemed like an eternity before Parker would arrive. Now, we’re only, as my wife says, one academic quarter away from having our son. In the past week, I’ve seen a lot of my close relatives and friends with their children, and in them, I’ve seen myself.

We look forward to family affairs after Parker is born. And hey, he’ll already have a cousin on each side of the family to play with (and I know our extended families enjoy spoiling children as much as possible). I still don’t think we look at all like parents, but when I see my cousins and friends with their children, I realize no one really does, at least in my generation. And I think it’s because I knew these folks before they had children. Now it’s just our turn to join the ranks.

For now, at least, nervousness has been taken over by excitement. We’re excited about the prospect of parenthood. Not that we’re expecting it to be easy or even fun all/most of the time, but we feel, again, at least for now, that we’re ready for this. I know my wife is just ready to feel normal again.

June promises to be a whirlwind for sure, starting this weekend. Sunday we’re visiting the maternity center at the hospital for our tour of the facilities. Next week, my younger brother is graduating from high school, followed by a friend’s wedding on the 6th, and baby showers on consecutive weekends.

But, on the bright side, at least it will make time go faster.


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