Showers and Churches

This weekend is the first of our baby showers (and also marks the beginning of the end of our traveling for the summer). My family is throwing this weekend’s shower, next weekend is the shower at my wife’s family, and the following weekend is our annual Fourth of July gathering with the wife’s family. After that, though, we are done traveling until after Parker is born (my wife has even said we won’t leave the I-270 belt).

Other than that, we did attend our first service at our ‘new’ church (i.e., the church where will we be baptizing Parker in the fall). We’ll be attending St. Andrew’s Catholic Parish in Upper Arlington a few miles from our apartment. Even though I’m not Catholic, I still really liked the church (not that being Catholic is a prerequisite to enjoying a Catholic church). And to be frank, all of my other experiences with Catholic churches have been somewhat hectic, since the only other times I’ve gone have been with my wife’s entire family, where it essentially becomes a glorified (pun intended) babysitting of 7 children.

I’ve actually thought quite a bit about becoming Catholic, because I do feel a little left out in some aspects of the service. But unfortunately, there are a lot of dogmas and policies of the Catholic church that I just don’t agree with. But in any case, I enjoy going to church with my wife and I have no problem with my son being raised in the Church.

In relation to that, we’ve also picked godparents for Parker. My brother will be Parker’s godfather and my wife’s sister will be the godmother. Both I think will make fantastic godparents to our son.

In any case, that’s the story of our lives right now. We’re less than two months away from Parker’s big day, and in about a month, we can really expect Parker to arrive any day.

Quite crazy if you ask me.


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