Finding a Pediatrician

No doubt one of the most pressing tasks for new parents is finding a pediatrician/family practice doctor to look after the health of your little one.

My wife and I have been passively searching for a pediatrician for a little while now. We wanted a reputable physician/practice close to our home, that was obviously covered by our insurance provider.

Well yesterday, we found it. There is a very good pediatric associates’ office literally within walking distance of our place. Seriously, we can put Parker in a stroller and walk him to our pediatrician without ever having to go on a major road. The pediatricians are well-reviewed (two of their pediatricians are among the top 5 in Columbus).

Perhaps best of all, the pediatricians do rounds in the Medical Center where Parker will be born, so when we check-in, we just tell the registrar who our pediatrician is, and they will page them when Parker arrives so his pediatrician can do the initial examination. It’s nice to cross another task off our list.

We had another appointment on Wednesday, and the OB said Parker is progressing nicely. Our next appointment will be in two weeks, and then every week after that. Next week will mark one month until the due date. While his due date is August 3rd, my wife is predicting a July 25th arrival, I think August 1st. 

We shall see.


2 responses to “Finding a Pediatrician

  1. We got very lucky to have been able not only to find a great pediatrician in Nashville, but to be able to start seeing her again after we moved back. I can’t believe Parker’s going to be here in a month!

  2. millennialdad

    It really is crazy, Eric.

    He becomes full-term on July 17th…I can’t believe he’s almost here.

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