Comin’ on Time (Hopefully)

Yesterday was the first of our weekly appointments with the OB. With Parker’s due date less than a month away, my wife was examined to see when Parker might arrive.

Skipping over too much information, Parker looks to arrive basically right on time. In fact, our OB is even going out of town in two weeks and said that he fully expects to be the one to deliver the baby, so any thoughts/hopes that Parker might be early are pretty much over.

We couldn’t be happier. We want Parker to go the full-term as, in general, it is healthier for him the closer he is born to his due date. My wife and I had to laugh a little, there are some folks who have been hoping for an early due date for personal convenience, but it’s as if Parker is saying, “Well, the more fuss you make about it, the less likely I am to come early.”

My wife and I are somewhat blase about when Parker arrives, and it appears our son has taken on our personalities already. He’ll come when he’s ready. No doubt we’re excited, but we’re also in no rush.

That said, the next couple weeks will still be busy with packing and preparations for the big arrival. We’ll probably also catch up on our sleep, as we know that will be in short stock coming August 3rd.


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