In the Teens

Yep, we can finally countdown to Parker’s due date in “teen” numbers. From today, 17 days to D-Day. Our appointment with the OB yesterday was good, with Parker being full-term he is, in theory, fully developed now. However, the OB still believes that Parker won’t be arriving much before his due date if he were to “come early”.

This weekend is going to be our family’s sort of “last weekend” where we know we can do something without Parker. So on Saturday, we’re going to go to Olive Garden (we have a gift certificate) and then spend the night at the Sheraton Suites in Worthington. Just us and our dog. Just one last thing before our family unit changes forever. Then on Sunday, we’re going to go to church, followed by Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince and then a trip to the mall.

It’s really crazy to think that Parker is so close to being here, and I know we’re excited for the day when he decides to arrive. Other than that, we’ve been diligently packing our apartment for the move at the end of the month, and we’ve made great progress, so much so that I think we can really have most of the apartment ready to move-out by this weekend.

Here’s hoping your weekend is as nice as ours will be.


One response to “In the Teens

  1. Your post about going to see the movie reminded me of something M.F. told me – please pass this on to your wife.

    Go to a movie with your baby – go to an early show and to a movie that’s been out for a while. You’ll probably have the theater to yourself, you can breastfeed to your heart’s content, and who cares if he cries 🙂

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