I wanted to post today because I’m not exactly sure how much time I will have to post tomorrow.

Today is the day of our move down the street to a bigger apartment, a.k.a. Parker’s first home. We’re really excited for the move, if nothing else, just for the change of scenery, but an extra bedroom and bathroom is quite fine too.

Last night, we packed the last bit of our stuff and scrubbed down the kitchen, bathroom, and Zero’s tank. So today, all we really need to worry about it just moving. We hope to get everything moved to the new apartment tonight, even if it’s not in its final place. That way, Friday can be concentrated on fixing up the new place and doing the finishing touches on the old place.

Though excitement for Parker’s arrival abounds, we really hope that today is not the day he decides to enter the world. If he waits for a little bit, we can have his room all set up, but really, any day after today is fine. But everything is in place for the move, utilities are being hooked up, cable services transferred (along with a discount & 3 months of free DVR), all we have to do now is…move.

It’s an exciting day for us, even if it is just into a new apartment, because this will be Parker’s first home, even though he will probably never remember it.

But if he wants to start out with us on the right foot, he needs to wait.


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