Week 40/Due Today!

This week marks the official end of  pregnancy. Your baby probably weighs anywhere from six to nine pounds and measures between 19 and 22 inches (though tons of perfectly healthy babies are smaller or bigger). So while the calendar says your pregnancy is over, when will your body know it’s time to deliver this baby? Well, about half of all pregnancies go past the 40-week mark, but your baby’s birthday will absolutely be sometime in the next two weeks, as your practitioner won’t let you go longer than 42 weeks.

Today is technically ‘the day’, though we know it doesn’t always work like that.

From all indications, the OB doesn’t seem to think he will arrive on-time, and in fact has scheduled a non-stress test for this upcoming Thursday, just to make sure everything is going well. He also said that he usually doesn’t like for his patients to go much over one week overdue, and in fact, somewhat tentatively mentioned an induction somewhere around August 13th or so if he hasn’t come on his own by then.

Either way, it’s been helpful that he hasn’t come yet, as it gave us the opportunity to get all moved-in to our new place, as well as even setup his room. So far, he has an Ohio State sign above his door, his name in block letters on his wall, and has a fully-assembled swing, playpen, and stroller. Today we will be setting up his crib as well as changing table, and then decorating the rest of his room.

He could absolutely come at any moment right now, so as we’ve done for the past nine months, it’s time to wait some more.


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