Room is Ready, Parker is Not

Yesterday, we completely finished Parker’s room.

The crib is put together, the bedding is in, the changing table is ready, his name is on the wall, the clothes are put away, the swing and playpen are assembled, and the baby monitors are good to go. Now all we need is a baby.

His room is actually quite nice. We weren’t sure how much we were going to do with a room in an apartment, just because it’s not worth the hassle painting walls only to paint them back when we move next year. But with the brightness of his accessories, mixed with some wooden letters and animal wall-stickies, it looks great.

But again, at this point, we are literally playing the waiting game. We did discover some interesting facts about his name, though, the past few days. While Nathan (Parker’s middle name) is a family name, the actual lineage to Parker has gone through six generations and 168 years.

Back in 1841, Parker’s 4th great grandfather, Nathan Lewis was born. Nathan had a daughter, Nina O’Banion (Baker), who would later marry William Bryant and have two sons, William Everett and Louis Nathan. William E. would have a son he would name after his brother, Louis Nathan (Parker’s great grandfather), who would then have a son, Lee Nathan, who would then have me, Scott Nathan, who would then have Parker Nathan. 168 years of history.

And as an additional ‘fun fact’, my great-great uncle, Louis Nathan had a son, named William Parker.


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