Full Moon

Another day, and still no Parker. However, if you follow the old wives’ tale, tonight at 7:55 pm EST, there will be a full moon, so I suppose if there was any time to go into labor, it would be tonight.

Last night, we returned some extra items Parker received from the baby shower and bought a new mattress pad for his crib, a box of 500 wipes, some baby ear swabs, some CFL light bulbs for his room, batteries for the monitors and swing, and some stickies to put his wooden animals on the wall.

When we got home, we just sat in the floor of his room for a while, I think both hoping that he would just somehow arrive. I know this is rather sappy, but I think back to what my parents used to say to me when I was younger, that I would never understand their love for me until I had my own child. Well, it’s already starting to feel like that.

As expecting parents, everything we’ve done for the last nine months, in some way, has been affected by Parker. We shop at the store differently, we travel differently, we spend our money differently. And just sitting in his room last night, I think it was just a moment where we wanted our son to be there with us.

As my wife said last night, it will never be easier to take care of him than right now. But I think we’re looking forward to the challenge of parenting. It’s going to be hard, and trying, and sometimes I’m sure we’ll be pushed to our limits, but we’re finally embarking on a journey that is more life-altering than anything else we’ve ever done.

And I guess we can’t help to be excited.


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