Last Appointment?

Since I’m writing this, it’s obvious Parker has yet to arrive.

Today, we’re hoping, may be our last official appointment at the OB. This morning, my wife will be having a non-stress test just to make sure Parker is doing well and to help determine if and when an induction may need to be scheduled. Then, this afternoon will be the weekly appointment with the OB.

On the bright side, at the very latest, Parker is no further than 10 days out. I know our families are sitting on edge, perhaps even more than us, just because we’re experiencing this all live as it happens. I imagine my mother just anxiously waiting for the phone to suddenly ring. I’ve tried to keep my calls out to a minimum this week, just to ease any anxiety.

I plan to postĀ again after I return from this afternoon’s appointment, so for the first time, a two-post day!


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