One Last Weekend

Our last childless weekend is upon us. From here on out, every weekend for the rest of our lives, we will be parents.

We’re both looking very forward to parenthood. I specifically am looking forward to my three weeks of paid paternity leave (thanks OSU!) so I get to spend a good amount of time at home with my son in his earliest days. But I look forward to my future weekends as a parent.

This fall, we get to use our Saturdays to take Parker to campus for tailgates and Ohio State revelry. Even though he won’t remember or even care where he is, we feel like it’s important to take him to the things that we hold most dear.

In the winter, we’ll stay warm inside as we usually do, spending the day wearing hoodies and watching movies, or maybe going to the mall.

Next spring, we’re going to buy a season pass to the Columbus Zoo so Parker can start to learn and appreciate animals. We also want to take him to some of the local parks, as well as campus, to play and walk.

In the summer, we should be in the process of buying our first house, a permanent place for Parker to grow.

I think, all in all, we’re just excited for him to be here. To take him places with us. Having fun at tailgates, shopping at the mall during Christmastime, going to church on Sundays. Of course there will be hard times; times when parenting isn’t so fun. The restless nights, the fussy days. But I know all the good times we’re going to have with Parker are going to make it all worth it.


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