Trip to Paulding

We just returned from Parker’s first trip to visit his extended family. What a delightful little boy we have.

We left on Friday morning after his first feeding and he slept the entire 2 1/2 hours to Paulding. Once we got there, he got to meet two of his aunts, uncles, and 8 cousins. There was only one stressful moment on the entire trip, and it was the first night as we were going to bed.

The room in which we stay when we visit was really hot, and Parker prefers to be swaddled with two blankets at night, but with the heat, that was just undoable. But in the end, we decided to move out into the family room, turn on the fan, and made it a much cooler environment for Parker, and he slept, well, like a baby all three nights we were there.

This week marks my last week at home before I head back to work. We are going to go down to campus and walk around tomorrow with Parker in his stroller. Then on Friday, we’re heading to my hometown so Parker can meet his paternal grandparents and extended family.

So far, so good. And seriously, I couldn’t ask for a better child.


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