Back to Work!

Well, paternity leave is now over.

I really enjoyed staying at home for a solid three weeks, but it does feel good to be back to work, too, if nothing else, just knowing my son will be waiting on me when I get home every day. Just add that to a return to autumn weather and football literally days away…

This past weekend we visited my family in Hurricane and Ironton. It was the first time my extended family got to meet Parker, so that was exciting. I know both sides of my family just adore babies, and I know Parker had a good time meeting everyone, even if he just slept most of the time.

Parker also started legitimately smiling this past weekend as well. He’s been smiling obviously for a while, but this weekend he really started smiling in response to people around him. And, as you can imagine, it’s absolutely adorable.

This weekend begins football season, which is always my favorite time of the year, and having Parker around will only make it better. We plan on making him a part of our usual gameday traditions as much as possible. He’ll even be going to his first tailgate next weekend.

In Ohio State gear, of course.


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