A Banner Weekend

Well Parker took a lot of ‘first steps’ this past weekend, growing literally right before our eyes.

First, he has outgrown his newborn clothes, the smallest he can fit in is 0-3 months, but he’s wearing a decent amount of 3-6 month clothes now too. On Saturday, he also took his very first bottle and did exceedingly well. We were obviously a little nervous since he’s been exclusively breastfed since birth, but he was an old pro at the bottle, so we’ve started incorporating one bottle a day into his routine. On Saturday night, he slept for a straight eight hours! While he’s been sleeping through the night for just over a week now (i.e., not waking up to be fed), he had never slept that long. So all in all, a banner weekend for our son.

Other than that, on Sunday, he got to see his grandparents and go out to dinner. After that, we took him to Target and found a really cute polo shirt with a long-sleeve shirt underneath it and a new pair of shoes (he’s outgrown his newborns). Then yesterday, I couldn’t help it and bought him his first hoodie (which he looks fantastic in).

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Michigan for my job, so it will be my first night away from Parker…ever.  It had to happen sometime, and at least it’s only one night. I’m sure his mommy will take fantastic care of him, not to mention Cookie will probably play guard dog the entire time I’m gone.

This weekend, we are taking Parker to West Virginia for his very first wedding, and then we have some assorted travels scheduled for October as well.


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