His First Holiday Season/Rice Cereal

We started the holiday season a little early in our family this year.

Last weekend, and perhaps in part to our fantastic mood after Ohio State beat Penn State, we put up our Christmas tree. Some may ask, why so early, Bryants?

Well the holiday season tends to be a whirlwind for us, we don’t spend either Thanksgiving or Christmas in Columbus, so we wanted to maximize Parker’s holiday festivities. Turns out it was a brilliant idea, as Parker loves the tree, the lights, the ornaments, everything. In fact, the tree has become somewhat of a consoler in our house, as on multiple occassions when Parker has started to get fussy, taking him over to the tree turns his fussiness in wide-eyed wonderment. Parker is really going to enjoy the holiday season, so we might as well get him started early.

In other big news, he ate his very first ‘solid food’ yesterday with rice cereal. Technically rice cereal isn’t introduced until the 4th month, but the pediatrician didn’t seem to have any strict timeline on how early it could be introduced, and he has shown the behavioral steps indicating that he was ready for the big step. Parker loved it and actually did a pretty good job consuming it. I think to him it’s fun to eat something off a spoon. Right now, he gets a tablespoon after his morning feeding and has done great two days in a row.

This weekend we’ll be taking him to his final OSU tailgate of the season. It’s crazy because for next season’s tailgates, he’ll be so much more interactive and aware.


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