Sleep Habits

In the short time that I’ve been a parent, there has been one universal question asked of me:

“How are you sleeping?”

We don’t think that much about sleep, even though it consumes about one-third of our life. But with a baby, sleep is your one time of day where you don’t have to parent. And with the possibility of your little one crying and waking in the night, sleep is absolutely essential. We’ve been fortunate with Parker, as he figured out the sleeping thing pretty early.

By three weeks, he had put in his first ‘sleep through the night’ (it should be noted that ‘sleeping through the night’ is considered to be any five consecutive hours of sleep, for Parker, it was more like 6-7), typically sleeping from about 10 or 10:30 to 5 or 6. Eventually, he demanded a longer night’s sleep and started sleeping at 9, with generally one wake-up around 3:30 or 4. In the past few weeks, he’s been going to bed at 8 and sleeping straight through to 6 or 7 a.m.

But last night was the true sign that our son had figured out sleeping. He was put to bed at 8, and around 11:30, we started to hear him stir on the monitor, after about 5 minutes, he started whimpering. After another 5 minutes, I prepared to go in and get him, or at least comfort him back to sleep. But as I stood up…silence. He had put himself back to sleep after being fully awake. He did this again around the 3:30 range with the same result.

Words can’t describe how exciting it is when your child has figured out how to put him/herself back to sleep. Yes, it was only one night, and yes, there are going to be a lot of trying times of the course of his overall sleep patterns, but seeing and hearing him do that last night was a very proud moment for his parents.


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