Many experts say imitation is the first phase of child development, a stage that will last from about four months through age six or seven.

In recent months, Parker has started responding to smiles, began ‘talking’ to us when happy, and giggling. Yesterday, however, he began what may be considered his first ‘imitation’…he blew raspberries back. If you’re not aware of what a raspberry is, it’s where one makes a noise by sticking the tongue between the lips and blowing (not unlike a mocking ‘fart’ sound).

It’s actually one of the more adorable things I’ve ever seen Parker do. For so long, he’s just been concentrating so hard on what we’re doing and to see him do it back yesterday was just precious. A baby’s brain is absolutely fascinating. Imagine, in the first three years of life, a baby learns to sit up, walk, and talk. A baby comes into the world not knowing language, or having full control of motor skills, but in a few short months, he/she begins using his/her voice, sitting up, rolling over. It’s an incredible feat of human development.

And while silly and simple, blowing raspberries may just very well be the first step in a lifetime of learning, one that leads him through walking and talking, years of formal schooling, college, and beyond. All starting with a silly little noise.


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