Parker’s First Christmas/A Bit on Santa Claus

Parker’s first Christmas was very enjoyable as he had a lot of fun opening presents and spending time with his family. He received a TON of clothes and a lot of toys, all of which he looks very cute in. But I think he enjoyed the bows and wrapping paper the most.

We decided to stick to a fairly rigid nap/sleep schedule this time on vacation, and I think it helped a lot. Making sure he took naps during the day ensured that he would have enough energy to open presents throughout the day, and putting him to bed at his normal bedtime (we were also smart and brought our spare monitors this time) left him refreshed the following day. All in all, it was a much happier travel experience for everyone.

During our Christmas travels, we found a lot of opportunities to talk about Christmas tradition in our family. And eventually we got to the topic of Santa Claus. Before I go into more detail, know that we have not made a decision either way on the subject of Santa yet, but these were some of the thoughts we were having. This may even be very weird to some of you, but my wife and I are mulling over the possibility of not doing the whole Santa Claus-routine for Parker.

It’s not a matter of religiosity or Santa taking away the true reasons for Christmas, but rather we just really aren’t that big on the whole Santa thing in general.  We still plan to share with Parker the story of Saint Nicholas and the history of gift-giving and how it is in that spirit that we still give gifts to one another. And we are certainly not encouraging him to spoil it for other children.

We’ve floated this idea past a few of our close family and friends and have heard opinions from both sides of the argument. We still have some time before we have to make a decision on Santa, but it’s something that we’re mulling in our post-Christmas ponderment.

All in all, though, Christmas was a great time for all. Hope your holiday season was festive.


2 responses to “Parker’s First Christmas/A Bit on Santa Claus

  1. We are a no-Santa household. We’ll still tell the stories but our thoughts were if we get our kids to believe in Santa and tell them the truth later, what’s preventing them from being skeptical about God?

  2. Christmas is the time for family. Cheers, happy new year 2010 also.

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