Five Months Old/Swaddling Update

Today, Parker turns five-months old! It’s hard to believe that it’s been this long since he came into the world, and even harder to believe how much he’s grown in those five months. He’s sitting up unassisted now, eating baby food like a pro, giving hugs and kisses…

An update on the swaddling, too. We started swaddling Parker with one arm out beginning last week, and his transition to it has been incredibly smooth. The first night, he woke up twice and went back to sleep quickly. The second night, he only woke up once. And now, he’s sleeping through the night once again. Plus he looks even more adorable doing it, since his arm typically is up over his head when he’s asleep. We’re going to make sure he is comfortable with this before transitioning to the second arm out, but we really did not expect it to go this well.

Happy Five Months, Parker!


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