Another (Final?) Swaddling Update

He did it!

Parker is now sleeping with both of his arms out (we just wrap the blanket around his body). We just decided to switch to it one night, and he slept throught he night. He wakes up very occasionally because he’ll roll over and get frustrated, but it’s been incredibly.

Really, if you told me at Christmas that in one-month, Parker would be out of his swaddle, sleeping through the night, I would have laughed at you. He’s done so extremely well.

He’s growing more every day, and in the past few days, he’s started ‘smiling’. He’s been smiling for a long time now, but now he actually will do a cheesy grin every so often, as if he’s smiling on purpose for a camera and it’s pretty much the most adorable thing in the world. As soon as we get a photo of it, I’m sure we’ll post it.

That’s all for this update!


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