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How Millennial Are You?

The Pew Research Center has formed this quiz to see just how millennial you might be!

I scored a 95/100. Sounds like I’m true to myself.


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Layout Revamping

Some changes are going to be rolled out to the blog probably later today and tonight.

I’ve had the blog for a little over a year now without any major changes to the layout, and with the increased readership this year, I feel like it’s time. Also, I’m thinking about registering an actual domain name for the blog instead of the tag. So those changes will probably be happening over the course of the next week.

In addition, my blog has been added to, and you can see the banner on the right side of the page. If you get a second, just give it a click to vote for the site.

Finally, with the changes to the layout and domain, I’ll also be shifting focus of the site to include not just my personal parenting of Parker, but also issues that millennials (and especially millennial parents) may face. I’ve added a different ‘share this button’ to the right corner of the blog, so if you know some parents, millennials, anyone really, feel free to share this on your preferred mode of social networking.

So look for all those ‘exciting’ changes very soon!


Stepping away from parenting for a second, I want to speak a bit on a step in my looming Catholicism.

As part of the confirmation process, the candidates for confirmation are instructed to pick a ‘saint name’, or essentially a personal saint to use through and after confirmation. The process can be arduous, as there are over 10,000 saints in the Catholic Church.

In my search, I wanted to find an ‘atypical’ saint. One who may not be known for his or her martyrdom like Thomas More or even their significant contributions to Catholic theology like Thomas Aquinas. I wanted a saint that embodied living life to the fullest through God. A saint that ‘went out with a bang’. An outgoing saint, perhaps.

And then I stumbled upon Saint Arnold (or also known as St. Arnulf of Metz). Arnold was born in Austria in 580 A.D. He entered the priesthood and was eventually named Bishop of Metz (France) at age 32.

One of Arnold’s most significant contributions was in public health. He warned his congregation and villagers about the dangers of drinking water (which, at that time, was often very contaminated from waste, sewage, and disease). Instead, he offered his congregation a different beverage. One that would go through the process of filtering and boiling, expelling germs in the process.


Saint Arnold during his time as bishop was even quoted with saying, “…from man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world.”

Arnold retired to a monastery in France and died in 640. To be considered for sainthood, a miracle must have been performed by the prospective saint, and here is where Saint Arnold’s story gets good.

In 641, the people of Metz asked the monastery for the body of Arnold, their bishop to bring back to Metz to bury. While carrying Arnold from the monastery to Metz, the people stopped in the town of Champignuelles. For a rest and a beverage, the porters and followers stopped in the local tavern to order their beer, in honor of Arnold. They were dismayed to learn that the tavern only had one mug of beer available to share.

But as Jesus fed the 5,000, so Arnold filled that mug for his followers, and it did not run dry until the followers were satisfied. For his service to the people of Metz and the miracle at Champignuelles, Arnold was canonized as a saint in the Catholic Church and is today recognized as the patron saint of brewers.

Since then, ‘Saint Arnold’ has become the name of several breweries around the world. And I can’t think of a saint that more embodies the outgoing nature of living life to fullest than Arnold.

This beer? This beer is for you, Saint Arnold.

Adventures in Bottle Feeding

Now that we are supplementing Parker with formula, he had to take his first bottle from Mommy. How did he handle it, you ask? Judge for yourself.


Are in order for my cousins, Eric, Justin, and Lili, who will be expanding their family this August!

We took Parker in for his six-month pictures on Saturday and they turned out extremely cute. He didn’t smile too much (he was weirded out by the lights and camera and photographer), but we were able to get some really awesome shots of him. Always in search of a good deal, we were able to find a coupon that got us a free sitting fee, a free 8×10, and as many traditional portrait sheets as we wanted for $3.99. Mixed with a gift card I had left over from Christmas, the total came to about $17. I’ll take it.

Parker, by our rough estimates on the scale at home, has been gaining weight with his supplementing, which is definitely good news. We are going to speak with the pediatrician this month to see where she wants us to go from here, as a full-switch to formula might be recommended. But by all accounts, he is doing very well. Last night while I was watching him, he spent a full two hours just exploring on the floor. He even got up on his hands and knees and crawled a couple ‘steps’.

It’s amazing in six months just how much more deliberate their actions are. When he sees something he wants, he goes to it or reaches for it. He has a little pop-up toy with zoo animals where you have to push or pull or twist a button and then a little animal pops up. Well recently, he’s actually been popping one of them up (the one with the twisty key), and then pushing it back down and doing it again. It’s amazing to watch their little brains work like that.

But all in all, things are going great. We should be getting his pictures back soon to share!

Six-Month Pictures

So yeah, we’re going to do it. We’re going to take Parker in to get his six-month pictures.

We’re not HUGE on taking milestone pictures. Perhaps it’s just our generation and our preference for all things digital, including photos. But, I know our families very much like portraits and we found an excellent deal on a photo package for Parker, so we’re going to do it tomorrow.

We’re going sort of ‘smart casual’ for Parker, i.e. a vest, jeans, and sneakers. I remember when we first found out we were having a boy, we didn’t think there was that much cute stuff for little boys. I’m amazed at how wrong we were. They make clothes for little boys now that make them look like little men. Parker and I can go somewhere in matching clothes, basically.

All is well in the world of parenting. Parker makes this job easy. He’s doing well with the supplementing and still doing great sleeping at night unswaddled. His personality is really coming alive and he just always seems to be happy. He is refining motor skills, working on that pincer grasp, and, of course, is just a joy in our lives.

We took Parker to his first Ash Wednesday service this week. Lent is such a special time of year and I’m glad to be a part of it with my wife and son.

Well, again, six-month pictures tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll post them as soon as possible. Have a great weekend!

Snow Day!

This past weekend, Parker and I got to spend basically the entire weekend together. My wife had to work 8 hour shifts on both Saturday and Sunday, so that means I got to watch the little man!

He’s such an incredibly good baby, I was actually sad to go back to work on Monday. On the bright side though, I have a snow day today, so I get to be home with my family all day.

Parker is doing well with the supplementing. He’s getting an extra 2 oz of supplemental formula after every feeding and seems to be satisfied. I obviously worry about him, just because that’s what I do. But after speaking with our parents and learning that we each did the same thing around six-months old (plus his development is rapidly moving along and he’s extremely happy), I feel a lot better.

On a personal note, I have a lot on my plate for RCIA. This Wednesday is my first Ash Wednesday service (and, also, my the start of my ‘first’ Lenten season). Then on Sunday I have my next two rites, the Rite of Sending and the Rite of Election, on the path to Catholicism. I then begin what is known as the period of purification in anticipation of my final two rites, the First Reconciliation and Celebration of the Sacraments/Rite of Reception. It’s hard to believe the RCIA process is nearly over, but it has definitely been worth it, and I look very forward into being accepted into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil.

I suppose that’s all for now. I’m going to go enjoy my snow day!

Happy Half-Birthday!

Happy Six Months to our little man. It’s really hard to believe he’s halfway to a year old already. Crazy.

We took Parker in for his six-month checkup today. He’s obviously doing really well. A little on the small side, though. He was 20th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for height. The pediatrician didn’t seem too concerned, simply because he’s developing fine, his mom and dad are smaller-statured, and he’s at the very least, proportionate. We are going to supplement baby formula for this month just to see if it’s a ‘small-baby’ thing. But again, he’s happy, he’s developing ahead of schedule, and he’s proportionate; so most likely nothing to worry about.

Other than that, he’s doing great, and received his latest rounds of vaccinations, including a seasonal flu shot.

Parker has been talking up a storm lately, adding ‘blah-blah’ to his extensive vocabularly. He’s also been up on his hands and knees and rocking a lot lately, which is essentially the final step to extensive crawling.

Just hard to believe it’s already been six months. We’re just as close to one year as we are to his birth. Happy Half-Birthday, little guy.


Could it be that Parker is starting to form his first words?

I’ve blogged a lot about child development on this site, and obviously language development is one of the cornerstones. We’ve been working a lot with Parker to help him along and communicate better with us. We like to point at things and tell him what its name is, especially when he’s particularly interested in a certain item or thing.

Well, one thing that he’s been long interested in is our dog Cookie. For some reason, she is the most amusing thing to a six-month old, even when she’s just laying on the couch. And of course, every time he looks at her, we tell him her name, “Coo-kie”.

In recent days, it would seem Parker is trying more and more to identify her. At first, it started with just a “keh” or “kuh” sound when he saw her. But now that we’ve been saying it more and more, it’s developed into more of a “Keeeee” or “Kweee” or, even better, “Koooeeee”. Obviously a lot of this has to do with imitation of speech, as most babies don’t really understand at this age that things have certain names by which to call them, but, he only makes these sounds when around Cookie, and has started to do it without prompting.

I’m not going to go as far as to say our son has spoken his first word, or that he is now ‘talking’, but I would say he’s definitely headed down that path.

Parker has his six-month pediatrician appointment on Thursday, and then will start going every three months for a while (instead of two). An update will of course follow.