On Sunday, we introduced Parker to Cheerios (well, technically, Great Value Toasted Whole Grain Oats).

For the first few, we just fed them to him. And let me say, the first time a child experiences something actually solid, it’s quite a picture. Amazingly, though, he didn’t choke and was able to get a few down without incident.

Babies, in general, don’t develop the pincer grasp until a little later down the road (sometime around 8 months), so it’s difficult for him to actually pick up a Cheerio and put it in his mouth. But, he is able to pick them up in a couple of fingers and move them towards his mouth. Last night, he actually succeeded in feeding himself one.

Here lately, he’s also been crawling up a storm. He just constantly moves from one end of the room to the other (babyproofing, anyone?). Only problem is, he gets frustrated when we actually move him, so we’ve helped that by letting him spend more time in the playpen where he can move around at will, but still be contained.

Thanks to our little tax credit (er, Parker), we also got back a substantial tax refund this year which will be used to pay off my car, buy some new furniture (hello, sectional sofa!), and, as we’ve already purchased, a PlayStation3. Parker has been doing so well with sleeping lately that we decided we were finally ready to advance our gaming lives after he goes to bed. So far, it’s been a lot of fun.

Parker has a six-month checkup next Thursday on his half-birthday, but I’m sure more posts will come before that.


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