Could it be that Parker is starting to form his first words?

I’ve blogged a lot about child development on this site, and obviously language development is one of the cornerstones. We’ve been working a lot with Parker to help him along and communicate better with us. We like to point at things and tell him what its name is, especially when he’s particularly interested in a certain item or thing.

Well, one thing that he’s been long interested in is our dog Cookie. For some reason, she is the most amusing thing to a six-month old, even when she’s just laying on the couch. And of course, every time he looks at her, we tell him her name, “Coo-kie”.

In recent days, it would seem Parker is trying more and more to identify her. At first, it started with just a “keh” or “kuh” sound when he saw her. But now that we’ve been saying it more and more, it’s developed into more of a “Keeeee” or “Kweee” or, even better, “Koooeeee”. Obviously a lot of this has to do with imitation of speech, as most babies don’t really understand at this age that things have certain names by which to call them, but, he only makes these sounds when around Cookie, and has started to do it without prompting.

I’m not going to go as far as to say our son has spoken his first word, or that he is now ‘talking’, but I would say he’s definitely headed down that path.

Parker has his six-month pediatrician appointment on Thursday, and then will start going every three months for a while (instead of two). An update will of course follow.


2 responses to “Kooeeee

  1. As a speech therapist, that makes me excited! That’s really awesome. I’d say Parker gets that fact that her name is Cookie and that’s why he only says it around her, even if it is an imitation. Sorry for being a speech geek. 🙂 When you see delayed kids all day long, that’s pretty exciting! I see some 2-3 year-olds who won’t do that.

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