Are in order for my cousins, Eric, Justin, and Lili, who will be expanding their family this August!

We took Parker in for his six-month pictures on Saturday and they turned out extremely cute. He didn’t smile too much (he was weirded out by the lights and camera and photographer), but we were able to get some really awesome shots of him. Always in search of a good deal, we were able to find a coupon that got us a free sitting fee, a free 8×10, and as many traditional portrait sheets as we wanted for $3.99. Mixed with a gift card I had left over from Christmas, the total came to about $17. I’ll take it.

Parker, by our rough estimates on the scale at home, has been gaining weight with his supplementing, which is definitely good news. We are going to speak with the pediatrician this month to see where she wants us to go from here, as a full-switch to formula might be recommended. But by all accounts, he is doing very well. Last night while I was watching him, he spent a full two hours just exploring on the floor. He even got up on his hands and knees and crawled a couple ‘steps’.

It’s amazing in six months just how much more deliberate their actions are. When he sees something he wants, he goes to it or reaches for it. He has a little pop-up toy with zoo animals where you have to push or pull or twist a button and then a little animal pops up. Well recently, he’s actually been popping one of them up (the one with the twisty key), and then pushing it back down and doing it again. It’s amazing to watch their little brains work like that.

But all in all, things are going great. We should be getting his pictures back soon to share!


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