Layout Revamping

Some changes are going to be rolled out to the blog probably later today and tonight.

I’ve had the blog for a little over a year now without any major changes to the layout, and with the increased readership this year, I feel like it’s time. Also, I’m thinking about registering an actual domain name for the blog instead of the tag. So those changes will probably be happening over the course of the next week.

In addition, my blog has been added to, and you can see the banner on the right side of the page. If you get a second, just give it a click to vote for the site.

Finally, with the changes to the layout and domain, I’ll also be shifting focus of the site to include not just my personal parenting of Parker, but also issues that millennials (and especially millennial parents) may face. I’ve added a different ‘share this button’ to the right corner of the blog, so if you know some parents, millennials, anyone really, feel free to share this on your preferred mode of social networking.

So look for all those ‘exciting’ changes very soon!


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