Study: Good Parenting Valued by Millennials

Last week, the Pew Research Center finished up the most exhaustive study on the Millennial Generation to date.

The study found, among other things, that Millennials are more ethnically and racially diverse, less religious, and are on track to be the most educated generation in American history. 75% of us have a social networking profile. 37% of us are unemployed, but 9 in ten of us say we have enough money right now or are optimistic about meeting our long-term financial goals.

One in five of us are married, and one in three of us is a parent.

And here is perhaps the best and most relevant information. When asked to name our top priorities in life, 52% of us mentioned “being a good parent”, topping all other priorities including having a good marriage, owning a home, having a high-paying career, having lots of free time, and becoming famous.

Being a good parent tops our priorities. This is the same generation that author Jean Twenge dubbed ‘Generation Me’, suggesting millennials were miserable and narcissistic, yet we care so much about being good parents to our children.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s much to early to write the book on millennial parenting. Only a third of us have children right now, but even the oldest millennials are turning 28 this year. But for ‘Generation Me’ to have such optimistic hope for not only our own future, but our childrens’ future, things look very bright.

I would really encourage you to check out the study. It’s very fascinating to see such a large scale project done on our generation. This is, perhaps, the best look at the future of our country right now, whether it be our top priorities, shifts in values, or parenting. I’m especially interested in how all of these findings will affect parenting. And over the course of the next few days, I’d like to break them down and really get into how these findings might affect millennial parenting.

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