Layla Grace

A short break from our regularly scheduled programming…

Today, I came across the blog of Layla Grace, about a young child, a baby, really, and her fight against Stage 4 neuroblastoma. I only read a few of the posts and the ‘About’ section and can say it’s the most terribly sad thing I have ever read. But I felt like I needed to post this link because she and her family need all the support and prayers they can possibly get at this moment.

Things aren’t looking good right now, and whether or not you’re a parent, the thought of losing your child, especially at such a young age, is absolutely heartwrenching. If you can, take a second to browse the link below and provide whatever support you can for this little girl and her family. God bless them.


3 responses to “Layla Grace

  1. I came across this website a few days ago also. I cannot imagine what this family is going through and I pray for them several times throughout the day.

  2. This little girl is in my neighborhood, almost! Are you in Texas, Millennial Dad?

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