Weekend Update

Having reviewed the survey results by Pew, it would appear that it would be more prudent for me to split up the final two areas of the survey into multiple posts. Tomorrow will begin two days of breaking down Politics, Ideology & Civic Engagement, followed by two days of Religious Beliefs and Behaviors.

Parker actually just got back from West Virginia where he split some time among his grandparents, since we had to work on Saturday. It’s definitely nice to have him back in the house.

We also got Parker’s six-month pictures back from JCPenney and they turned out just perfect. He looks so big in them it’s ridiculous. In fact, here’s a picture of him taken just after birth, comparing him to what he looks like now:

In other news, Parker is definitely getting his first tooth, coming in on the bottom. It was bugging him a lot last week but it appears as if it’s a little less annoying right now. He really likes chewing on things at the moment because I’m sure it gives him a little bit of relief from the tooth cutting through.

He’s definitely crawling everywhere now; he actually crawled over to his toy basket this morning and flipped it over. He’s also accomplished the fine art of going from tummy to sitting up and is starting to pull himself to a stand when possible.

He’s also been talking up a storm. ‘Blahs’ have turned to ‘dahs’ and ‘gahs’ and ‘mahs’ and he’s even trying to carry on conversations with different things in the house. And he’s started trying to call Cookie over to him or at least yell at her when she’s somewhere else in the room, though I’m pretty sure Cookie wants no part of his shrieking.

He has his weight checkup this Thursday and by our rudimentary way of weighing him, he looks to be right where he needs to be this month. He’ll also be getting the second round of his flu vaccine. I guess for the final part of this update, Parker is also switching over to formula. He’ll only need to do it for a couple months but right now seemed to be the best time to make the switch. So far, he’s had any problems making the transition.

The weather seems to finally be turning warm again, which excites us. We badly want to buy a membership to the Columbus Zoo for this year, but want to make sure we’re going to have some solid weather before buying (since it’s a full-year pass). Parker absolutely loves animals, so I’m sure the zoo will give him plenty to look at it.

I suppose that wraps up a short update on the little one. The series on millennial parenting will resume tomorrow.


One response to “Weekend Update

  1. Love the pictures! My daughter is 4 months old and her first tooth on the bottom is starting the cut. She’s been pretty unhappy the last few days. I hope this passes soon.

    We didn’t find out what we were having and the only regret I have for not having a boy is that I have no one to dress up in sweater vests!

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