House Hunting

Yesterday, we had the chance to meet with our realtor for the first time. We came away very impressed. The agency is a boutique agency with just a few employees, finding business mostly on referrals, rather than a big agency with hundreds of agents and advertising. Needless to say, we are very excited to start the homebuying process.

Last evening, our realtor had already done an MLS search for us matching some homes to our preferences and we were able to send a spreadsheet back indicating which we want to see, with hopes of going out to see them on Monday. We noted that there was one house in particular that we really, really wanted to see.

Well, our realtor contacted us this morning offering to show us our #1 house tomorrow morning! Needless to say we are very excited. If nothing else, it will at the least show it’s not what we’re looking for and we can move on from there. But at best, well, we’re excited.

It’s hard to believe the process is really underway. It’s surely to be a long process with, of course, its setbacks. But that the possibility of homeownership is so close…

Anyways, I thought I should just post this little update with, of course, an update tomorrow after we see the house!


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