Home Inspection Finished

Yesterday was our scheduled home inspection at the house.

I went out and met the inspector around 10 AM and we got started poking and prodding the house. All in all, the home inspection went about as well as one could hope a home inspection would go.

Most of what needs to be done to the house is minor cosmetic stuff. Things like putting sealant on the deck, repainting the railing outside, filling in some cracks on the sidewalk, recaulking the perimeter of the shower, etc.

He did recommend budgeting for a new A/C, because the current unit probably only has a couple years left, but it’s covered by our home warranty, so no need to replace it ASAP. The furnance and water heater are both new, all the appliances are new and functional. Plumbing is sound, no foundation/termite/mold issues.

At the end of the inspection, the inspector was like, “This is a really good house.” So we were pleased. We are moving forth without remedy, so the sellers won’t need to do any work. The mortgage folks ordered our title and appraisal yesterday and sent our file into underwriting so (hopefully), we’re on the home stretch towards closing now!

More updates soon.


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