Holy Week

It is finally here, Holy Week, beginning yesterday with Palm Sunday and culminating in Easter Vigil service Saturday night, and my confirmation into the Catholic faith.

I attended a half-day retreat on Saturday morning, which ended with our First Reconciliation. To be perfectly honest, after having taken a polygraph for an internship a couple years ago, First Reconcilation is nothing.

It’s been a long process, one that started back in September. But it’s a journey I’m proud to have been on. I look very forward to becoming Catholic Saturday night, to join my wife and son in their faith.

I’m coming into the Catholic Church during another time of turbulence. This time, about Pope Benedict’s role in the possible coverup of priest-sexual abuse. I, in absolutely no way, think that the Pope and the priests involved in this scandal should be able to skirt away from the issue, and I believe that the Pope is accountable to his people. And unfortunately, for many outsiders looking in at the Catholic Church, its followers are sometimes given a bad rap by its leaders. I know that the great majority of both parishioners and priests are appalled by what has happened in the Church as of late and are looking to our leaders for answers.

People have questioned why I’m joining the faith. And really, it’s because of the people I’ve met. The parishioners at my church, the clergy, everyone, is so incredibly nice and genuine. I recently went through the Rite of Election for my diocese just a few weeks ago. There were over 500 people coming into the faith in the Columbus diocese alone. When asked how or why we were joining the faith, 3 people said it was because of things they had read or seen, 2 people said it was because they attended a Catholic service and enjoyed it, and the rest were joining because of someone they knew that was Catholic. In fact, everyone in my RCIA class, some 20 of us, are all joining the faith because we have a Catholic significant other.

But all in all, I’m excited about what this weekend will bring. I thank everyone who supported me during this process, my family, my friends, my local parish, and especially my sponsor, Jack. It’s definitely going to be a change, but one I look very forward to.


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