Movin’ on up

Parker just took another little step up the growth ladder…by changing car seats.

This past weekend, we decided to make the full transition from this:

To this:

Parker thanks his grandpa for the excellent purchase! Parker will remain rear-facing in the new seat until, at the very least, 35 pounds and one year-old, but it’s actually recommended these days to keep children rear-facing longer, even to two years-old if possible.

We’re going to out this weekend and pick up another so we can have one in each of our cars. I know Parker is happy to not have to be strapped into the infant carrier anymore!


3 responses to “Movin’ on up

  1. Congrats on the change-over! How old is Parker now?

    We’re really looking at that monumental move with mixed feelings. On one hand, I’ll be glad not to have to drag that car seat with me everywhere.

    On the other, those big ones are HUGE and my car is tiny.

  2. Thanks Justin!

    Parker is a little over 8 1/2 months. We thought the big convertible seats were huge too, but one of our cars is a Chevy Cobalt, and it fits better than the infant carrier. They don’t take up a lot of space back-to-front, and aren’t nearly as tall as one expects them to be.

  3. We have one of the Eddie Bauer convertible seats for Harper (5 months) but we found it was WAY too big for rear-facing in either car and the state troopers couldn’t figure out how to put it in.

    It will fit nicely in my wife’s Saturn, but my Scion is going to need something a little smaller and cheaper, I think.

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