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Walkthrough/Boys & Girls

The walkthrough went very, very well. The sellers left the kitchen island, the patio furniture, some of the window dressings, and a couple other things. So exciting to see our house completely empty and ready for us!

We received the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and our closing costs are going to be about $2500 less than what I thought they would be. Not complaining about that at all…Closing is still set for tomorrow morning at 9 am.

I also came across an interesting article about baby boy vs. baby girl development and found it very interesting. Parker has a cousin that is two weeks older than him, and she seems completely focused on verbalizing and language, whereas Parker is focused on getting around and moving, moving, moving. I really enjoyed the article:

I thought it was especially interesting that boys care much more about mechanical motion and crowds, and less about human motion and one-on-one interaction, which probably explains a lot about why girls typically learn to talk sooner than boys.

Take a glance at that article if you’re interested.

Anyways, this is probably my last post before we move in. Our internet is being hooked up Sunday, so hopefully I can blog a bit about it then. Thanks for your support through this entire process. We really could not be more excited. See you on the other side.


Closing Close

Today, we received final information on our closing costs and found out the closing location!

Tomorrow is the walkthrough at 9 am, just to make sure everything is in order. Then on Friday, we’ll head to the closing location for a 9 am close, and our weekend begins.

We’re getting some help moving this weekend, so that will be very nice, and then we’re going to go on the beginning of our shopping spree. I’ve contacted all the utility companies to have the utilities transferred to me, and also contacted Time Warner to get internet added to our package at the house (do I see some Modern Warfare online play in my future?)

Hard to believe we’re just 3 days away from closing on our house. Every day it seems to get a little more real.

Parker is starting to cut some more teeth now, and I’m glad, because he’s been acting kind of grumpy and weird the last couple days. He’s working on walking, has been taking a couple steps here and there, so I imagine he’s getting close, or at least a little closer.

So much to do, still having packing to do tonight and throwing away some of our old items. But a very, very exciting week for our family.

One week/Thoughts on development

We’re one week out from our closing date, and have our walkthrough setup for next Wednesday. Hard to believe we’re inside a week.

On Wednesday, we went out scouring for items for the house, and thankfully, were able to find a lot of what we want in-store, instead of having to wait for delivery. Needless to say, next weekend, we’ll be droppin’ a lotta dime.

Parker is a standing pro now. He can stand up by himself for, well, as long as he wants now. We’re noticing that he’s pulling himself to a stand more and more as if that’s his preferred way of being. He took a couple independent steps yesterday, it was more like structured falling, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

He’s just growing up so incredibly fast. I passed someone walking with a one month-old the other day and I couldn’t believe that Parker was like that 8 months ago. I think back 8 months ago for me, and how little I’ve changed since then, but for a baby…man. He does things so independently now. He goes over to his toy basket and picks out the toys he wants to play with. He understands cause and effect of some of his toys. He tries to talk to us. He goes to sleep on his own without being rocked. He asks for naps. It’s amazing. The development of a baby.

I’ve been involved in a week-long debate on Facebook that started with an article I posted on the rise of measles in Zimbabwe as vaccination rates have gone down. It’s actually opened my eyes to a disturbing trend in our own country, especially amongst certain areas of the ‘health’ profession. When it comes to your child’s health, I encourage you to do your own research about what goes on with your child’s body, whether it be vaccinations, medications, or whatever else. However, I also encourage you to speak with your pediatrician when it comes to your child’s overall health and wellness. Ask questions, ask for explanations, ask for specific literature and research. Ask for second opinions if need be. Your pediatrician is specially trained in the health of your child. Speak with them.

So close now…

Here we are, 9 days from closing on our house.

The excitement swelling up is indescribable.  I think I’m most excited for my son and my dog. Parker will never recall growing up in an apartment, and in fact, his only memories will be of the pictures we show him. I’m glad that he will get to grow up in a house, with a backyard, in a neighborhood.

And Cookie, well, I think she’ll just be beside herself with glee to have her own backyard. One of our first goals after moving in is to install the remainder of the fencing to close off the yard for her.

We have a lot of purchases to make on our house, and thanks to the $8000 homebuyer tax credit, we’ll be able to really make our house our own. But homeownership is finally within our reach, when just a couple months ago, we thought that would be unattainable.

It’ll be somewhat bittersweet (definitely more sweet) to move out of our apartment. If only because it’s where our family started. After we were married, it was the first place we lived together. It was in that apartment my wife told me she was pregnant. After Parker was born, it was the place where we brought him home. It’s the first place he ever sat up, crawled, stood on his own…A lot of memories will be left over from that apartment complex, and while I couldn’t be more excited to leave apartment-living once and for all, I’ll always remember it and the moments we shared there.

But this house will be ours. And we couldn’t be more excited to move there in just 9 days.

Lots of Updates

Well, the past few days have been quite eventful in our family.

First, our loan was given the ‘clear to close’, and our closing is finally set for May 28th at 9 AM. So exactly two weeks from right now, we’ll be signing the papers and getting the keys to our first house. It’s really an incredible feeling. It’s a goal that seemed unattainable at the beginning of this year, and actually felt unattainable all the way up until the time we were given pre-approval. But it’s real now. We’re going to own a home, and we obviously couldn’t be more excited.

The walkthrough is scheduled for the 26th, so we can get in and just make sure everything is up to snuff. We’ll move in on the 28th and then spend the next week making our new purchases and getting our house the way we want it.

Yesterday was Parker’s nine-month appointment with the pediatrician, and he’s doing great. Still growing along the curve he set at his 6 month appointment, so that was good news. Also, he was given the 9-month ASQ assessment to gauge where he was with milestones, and so we filled it out before the appointment. The pediatrician actually said it may have been the highest score she’s ever seen for a nine-month old. It doesn’t mark ‘genius potential’ or anything like that, more of an early-screening to check for developmental problems, but it was good to see that Parker was developing ahead of where he needed to be.

He also got his final Hepatitis-B vaccination, and won’t be going back until he’s one! Hard to believe that is right around the corner. He’s also been recently standing on his own without support and has also started pointing at things! Such an exciting time to be a parent…

That wraps up most of the updates for this family. The next two weeks promises to be a whirlwind of activity, but one that culminates in moving into our house. Have a great weekend!

Chugging along

Everything is going swimmingly here, with our closing date less than three weeks away, we’ve been spending a lot of time packing and getting ready for the move, and so that means less time blogging for me.

I plan to come back and hit it hard after we move in and have some great topics lined up for summer.

Parker has his 9-month pediatrician appointment on Thursday and that will be his last one until he turns 1!

Needless to say, very exciting times in our family. I’ll be sure to post pictures of the house ASAP!

Also, the blog went over 10,000 hits recently and it’s unbelievable the amount of folks that have read this blog. Thank you all for your continued support.