Lots of Updates

Well, the past few days have been quite eventful in our family.

First, our loan was given the ‘clear to close’, and our closing is finally set for May 28th at 9 AM. So exactly two weeks from right now, we’ll be signing the papers and getting the keys to our first house. It’s really an incredible feeling. It’s a goal that seemed unattainable at the beginning of this year, and actually felt unattainable all the way up until the time we were given pre-approval. But it’s real now. We’re going to own a home, and we obviously couldn’t be more excited.

The walkthrough is scheduled for the 26th, so we can get in and just make sure everything is up to snuff. We’ll move in on the 28th and then spend the next week making our new purchases and getting our house the way we want it.

Yesterday was Parker’s nine-month appointment with the pediatrician, and he’s doing great. Still growing along the curve he set at his 6 month appointment, so that was good news. Also, he was given the 9-month ASQ assessment to gauge where he was with milestones, and so we filled it out before the appointment. The pediatrician actually said it may have been the highest score she’s ever seen for a nine-month old. It doesn’t mark ‘genius potential’ or anything like that, more of an early-screening to check for developmental problems, but it was good to see that Parker was developing ahead of where he needed to be.

He also got his final Hepatitis-B vaccination, and won’t be going back until he’s one! Hard to believe that is right around the corner. He’s also been recently standing on his own without support and has also started pointing at things! Such an exciting time to be a parent…

That wraps up most of the updates for this family. The next two weeks promises to be a whirlwind of activity, but one that culminates in moving into our house. Have a great weekend!


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