So close now…

Here we are, 9 days from closing on our house.

The excitement swelling up is indescribable.  I think I’m most excited for my son and my dog. Parker will never recall growing up in an apartment, and in fact, his only memories will be of the pictures we show him. I’m glad that he will get to grow up in a house, with a backyard, in a neighborhood.

And Cookie, well, I think she’ll just be beside herself with glee to have her own backyard. One of our first goals after moving in is to install the remainder of the fencing to close off the yard for her.

We have a lot of purchases to make on our house, and thanks to the $8000 homebuyer tax credit, we’ll be able to really make our house our own. But homeownership is finally within our reach, when just a couple months ago, we thought that would be unattainable.

It’ll be somewhat bittersweet (definitely more sweet) to move out of our apartment. If only because it’s where our family started. After we were married, it was the first place we lived together. It was in that apartment my wife told me she was pregnant. After Parker was born, it was the place where we brought him home. It’s the first place he ever sat up, crawled, stood on his own…A lot of memories will be left over from that apartment complex, and while I couldn’t be more excited to leave apartment-living once and for all, I’ll always remember it and the moments we shared there.

But this house will be ours. And we couldn’t be more excited to move there in just 9 days.


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