One week/Thoughts on development

We’re one week out from our closing date, and have our walkthrough setup for next Wednesday. Hard to believe we’re inside a week.

On Wednesday, we went out scouring for items for the house, and thankfully, were able to find a lot of what we want in-store, instead of having to wait for delivery. Needless to say, next weekend, we’ll be droppin’ a lotta dime.

Parker is a standing pro now. He can stand up by himself for, well, as long as he wants now. We’re noticing that he’s pulling himself to a stand more and more as if that’s his preferred way of being. He took a couple independent steps yesterday, it was more like structured falling, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

He’s just growing up so incredibly fast. I passed someone walking with a one month-old the other day and I couldn’t believe that Parker was like that 8 months ago. I think back 8 months ago for me, and how little I’ve changed since then, but for a baby…man. He does things so independently now. He goes over to his toy basket and picks out the toys he wants to play with. He understands cause and effect of some of his toys. He tries to talk to us. He goes to sleep on his own without being rocked. He asks for naps. It’s amazing. The development of a baby.

I’ve been involved in a week-long debate on Facebook that started with an article I posted on the rise of measles in Zimbabwe as vaccination rates have gone down. It’s actually opened my eyes to a disturbing trend in our own country, especially amongst certain areas of the ‘health’ profession. When it comes to your child’s health, I encourage you to do your own research about what goes on with your child’s body, whether it be vaccinations, medications, or whatever else. However, I also encourage you to speak with your pediatrician when it comes to your child’s overall health and wellness. Ask questions, ask for explanations, ask for specific literature and research. Ask for second opinions if need be. Your pediatrician is specially trained in the health of your child. Speak with them.


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