Closing Close

Today, we received final information on our closing costs and found out the closing location!

Tomorrow is the walkthrough at 9 am, just to make sure everything is in order. Then on Friday, we’ll head to the closing location for a 9 am close, and our weekend begins.

We’re getting some help moving this weekend, so that will be very nice, and then we’re going to go on the beginning of our shopping spree. I’ve contacted all the utility companies to have the utilities transferred to me, and also contacted Time Warner to get internet added to our package at the house (do I see some Modern Warfare online play in my future?)

Hard to believe we’re just 3 days away from closing on our house. Every day it seems to get a little more real.

Parker is starting to cut some more teeth now, and I’m glad, because he’s been acting kind of grumpy and weird the last couple days. He’s working on walking, has been taking a couple steps here and there, so I imagine he’s getting close, or at least a little closer.

So much to do, still having packing to do tonight and throwing away some of our old items. But a very, very exciting week for our family.


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