Walkthrough/Boys & Girls

The walkthrough went very, very well. The sellers left the kitchen island, the patio furniture, some of the window dressings, and a couple other things. So exciting to see our house completely empty and ready for us!

We received the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and our closing costs are going to be about $2500 less than what I thought they would be. Not complaining about that at all…Closing is still set for tomorrow morning at 9 am.

I also came across an interesting article about baby boy vs. baby girl development and found it very interesting. Parker has a cousin that is two weeks older than him, and she seems completely focused on verbalizing and language, whereas Parker is focused on getting around and moving, moving, moving. I really enjoyed the article:


I thought it was especially interesting that boys care much more about mechanical motion and crowds, and less about human motion and one-on-one interaction, which probably explains a lot about why girls typically learn to talk sooner than boys.

Take a glance at that article if you’re interested.

Anyways, this is probably my last post before we move in. Our internet is being hooked up Sunday, so hopefully I can blog a bit about it then. Thanks for your support through this entire process. We really could not be more excited. See you on the other side.


One response to “Walkthrough/Boys & Girls

  1. That’s a really interesting article. My daughter, Harper, does a lot of verbalization, but she’s very intent on movement. She hates staying in one spot and as soon as she developed the ability to crawl (two weeks ago) she’s been everywhere in the house.

    Children are so complex…

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